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Beat Orchard provides a slick and easy to use interface to make it easy and simple to get your music live and in the hands of producers and end users.

We hand pick the best tracks to save you time when searching for music for your project. We hope our slick interface makes it as pain free finding the music you want.

Can't find what you want? Drop us a line and we will source the tracks for you.

Beat Orchard is a high end Stock Music company offering the best music available for your projects. We firmly believe in quality over quantity and offer the simplest and easiest way to find Royalty Free music for your project. No naff jingles, no ugly looking interfaces, just quality royalty free music.

Work for us

We are always on the lookout for quality music. Anyone can sign up, but there are no guarantees you will be accepted or get your music live. We want to be the best, not just the same as the rest. We believe that our music and our composers is what sets us apart from the rest which is why we pay a higher rate to our composers.

We Offer :

  • Money


    A 50/50 payment split for the composer for non-exclusive and 70/30 for exclusive.

  • Shop


    A free marketplace for your music. An Artist-Built, Artist-Friendly Community of Media Producers

  • Interface


    A simple and easy to use interface to upload your music and get it heard.

  • Market


    We market your music while leaving you to do what you do best which is make it!

We are looking for:

  • stock music


    High quality original music and SFX. If you have edits and loops then even better.

  • Music Varirty


    All genres. Beat Orchard is an equal rights employer!

  • Music Quality


    The best! We don't put all music live.

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