What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music is a term commonly used to describe music that once licensed can be used again and again without incurring additional fees. When purchasing music from Beat Orchard you are given a license to use our music in your projects. However if you intend to use the music for Mass Production/Distribution, as part of Public Performances, Broadcast or advertising then you will need to purchase a license for these kinds of uses.

What is production music? – Production music (also known as stock music or library music) is the name given to recorded music produced and owned by production music libraries and licensed to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media.


We offer 2 types of licensing. Standard and Mass Market. Below are explanations of them both. If you are unsure of which to use then drop us a line. All purchases come with a license certificate included in your order confirmation email.

Standard License – Our Standard License allows you to use our music for most general uses such as websites, videos, podcasts, in-store music, music on-hold and much more. You may sell up to 500 physical products or downloadable products that contain the music. The license is worldwide and lasts in perpetuity.

Mass Market – If you intend to use our music for TV/Broadcast/Radio/multiple location music-on-hold, multiple web sites, more than 500 copies, and internet video sites including YouTube commercial rights license with YouTube Partner ‘Revenue Sharing’. This license includes sync rights as well as mechanical rights. Be sure to fill out cue sheets if you are using our music for broadcast purposes.

What you can’t do with our music even if you purchase a Mass Market license –
• Re-publish or trade the music. You may not trade or sell the music to a 3rd party by any means
• Use the music to create a new work. EG: If you are a composer or musician you may not use any of our loops or music to create a new piece of music.

How long does my license last? – Our licenses for both standard and mass market last forever (in perpetuity) and you will never need to renew this license. This is the key difference of Royalty Free Music. The music license lasts for 50 years after the death of the composer.

Youtube and Copyright Info – At Beat Orchard we do not practice or take part in YoutubesContent ID/Music Fingerprinting technology. However we cannot guarantee that some of our composers tracks will not have been submitted to music fingerprinting services.

Performing Rights Organisations – It is important to note that no royalty fees will be paid by you the end user. Broadcasters already pay an annual fee to the collection societies and you filling out cue sheets simply means that the correct royalties get paid out. If you are using our music in the public domain or for broadcast purposes you will need to fill in cue sheets. A lot of our composers are registered with their local PRO and will receive royalties if their music is used on TV/Radio etc. A Cue Sheet is a simple form that lists the sounds and music cues used in TV and Radio shows. The Cue Sheet is then sent by the broadcasters (such as a TV channel) to the Performing Rights Organisation like PRS (UK) or ASCAP (USA). The Cue Sheet enables Performing Rights Organisations (PROs) to calculate royalty fees for their members (Music Composers, Publishers, Music Libraries).

Cue Sheets

Why Do I need to fill in a cue sheet?- It may seem strange that music sold as ‘royalty free’ still pays a royalty fee to the composer/producer however this is the way it works. Our music is royalty free in a sense that you pay us a fee to license the music for ever. Traditional libraries will charge yearly ongoing fees to use their music in productions which can amount to serious money. You are paying us for the right to use the music forever. What Royalty Free does not cover is the back end. That’s just the way it is and will be the same across all music libraries.

The reason we need to fill in cue sheets is to make sure the composers get paid. After all – you came here for our great music right?! We need to make sure they are getting their fair share of the back end. The broadcasters always pay an annual fee for their right to broadcast music. This annual fee is the same, regardless of whether they play music by composers who are registered with a performance rights organization, or by composers who aren’t.

Guide to filling in the cue sheet – You can download a blank cue sheet here. The main things you need to include are Track Name, Composer’s Name, the Duration of Use, Air Dates (if applicable), Air Times (if applicable) and the Broadcaster / Network / Station (if applicable)

General purchasing and downloading

How do I download my music? After successful purchase you will be sent an email containing information about your purchase as well as links to download your tracks. These are valid for 14 days after purchase and can also be found in your profile section if you are a registered user.

I didn’t receive a download email – Download emails are sent from our emails. We advise you to add this address to your safe list or address book to ensure it is not filtered as SPAM or JUNK mail. This is an automated email sent from our systems and can sometimes get picked up by spam filters and blockers. Don’t worry though, if you have a user account with us, you can always log in and re-download your products for up to 1 month after purchase.

I can’t find the music I’m looking for – Don’t worry! We have an army of very talented professional composers who can create something bespoke for you. Get in touch and we can work something out for you.

Refund Policy: We cannot guarantee a refund on purchases unless there is a technical defect with your product . Please notify us within 48hrs of your purchase of any problems you are having and we will look into it immediately. If there is found to be a problem with your download file we will process your refund within 48hrs.

What format will my downloads be in? : Your download will either be in mp3 or Wav format. Some tracks will include both formats. All music tracks are supplied as Broadcast Quality MP3 at 44 kHz, 320kps, 16-bit, Stereo Sound MP3 files or WAV 44.1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo Sound Files This is an accepted standard format by all major broadcasters.

Checkout and purchasing : When you are ready to checkout simply click the cart icon to be taken to your checkout page where you can review your order before continuing. You will need to enter your email address where you want your download links sent to and also give us a telephone number should there be any problems with your order. We then use PayPal Pro merchant payment processors to securely process your transaction. We can process all major card payments including MasterCard, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Purchasing, JCB, Solo and Switch. You do NOT need a PayPal account to use our payment processors. A license and proof of purchase will be sent with your order.


Do I have to set up an account to purchase – No, of course not. We are all about making things easy here. BUT..If you do, you get a whole bunch of cool features available to you such as loyalty rewards, re-downloadable links to your purchases, recommendations specific to you and the options to message composers and comment on tracks. After all, we are trying to create a community here not just a great place to purchase the music you need.

Composer Questions

I uploaded my track but it hasn’t gone live yet – We review all submissions but of course get loads of tracks. We take time to listen carefully to each submission. If your track hasn’t gone live it’s probably still being reviewed. We provide feedback on tracks that don’t get accepted.

My track wasn’t accepted – It’s nothing personal! We set very strict guidelines here at Beat Orchard and don’t just want to be yet another stock site. We set the bar high. Please don’t get disheartened if we don’t accept your music. A lot of music comes down to personal preferences and what one person likes another may dislike. Please feel free to submit another track as it may be that we simply have too much of that particular genre or style or the track didn’t quite meet our expectations, however that’s not to say another track won’t.

How is payment made? – Payment is made once a month via Paypal assuming your account has commission in it

Does Beat Orchard take any of the back-end royalties? – At present no. The writers share of the PRO royalties is 100% yours. We do not force clients to fill in cue sheets however and as such cannot guarantee that they will be filled in. It is the writers responsibility to make sure any tracks sold as PRO registered are in fact registered with that collection society.

I have a large catalogue of over 150 tracks. Do you offer an upload service? –Yes. For owners of large royalty free music catalogues, please get in touch via the contact form to discuss the options. If your music if of high quality we will be more than happy to upload your tracks for you. To be considered for this service your catalogue must be well laid out and include descriptions as well as BPM info and track length.

I am a member of a PRO. Can I still upload tracks? – Yes of course. We offer for sale tracks by both PRO and NON-PRO registered composers. Please just make sure you let us know your statues and also your tracks status when uploading.

Do you submit tracks to Content ID and Youtube Fingerprinting services? – No. Unlike a lot of royalty-free music / stock music sites, Beat Orchard does not submit music to any Content ID fingerprinting database. We prefer our composers tracks to not be registered with these services, however if you absolutely must have them sold with sites that practice this then fine. We do not practice this however.

Technical Requirements: For an item to be accepted on Beat Orchard it needs to follow the Upload Instructions and meet our quality standards. Refer to the upload requirements section for guides on how to prepare and upload your files.